La-Bu Designs

The name La-Bu simply comes from my own name, Laura Burgess. I conceived the name in 2013 and established it as my branding. LaBu is a fun and intuitive design.


My name is Laura and I like making things. I am a Graphic Design student at UWE, Bristol. I am currently developing my skills in graphic design, practicing in motion, web design and print. I also dabble in hand drawn, digital illustration and photography. I am an avid gamer, and while I enjoy playing games and getting myself lost in a world of story and crazy aesthetics, it never takes me away from my work, if anything, it gives me inspiration. I heavily enjoy interactive design and motion.

My work

Since my foundation diploma, I have experimented with different areas of design and media. I have a good variety of work in motion, print, illustration and digital work. I have experimented with all kinds of media, analoge and digital. I don't have a set style or aesthetic as I work easily around different tastes and styles. I aim to make fun and creative designs inspired by the little things around us that we may not neccersarily notice. I can also tailor designs to suit an identity. Click here to see my portfolio.

Contact me

You can contact me by twitter @LaBuDesigns, or by email

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